• Containers manufactured from PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) are used for a wide range of food, drink, health and personal care as well as chemicals and other products.

    PET bottles, jars and other containers offer brand owners a lightweight, economical, environmentally sound and fully recyclable pack, which preserves and protects its contents. PET materials are approved for both food and pharmaceutical packaging. They can also be enhanced with additives, blends and coatings.

    PET can be produced in high clarity transparent formats – which allow the container contents to be easily visible – or it can be produced in a wide spectrum of colours. Whether clear or coloured, PET containers can be manufactured in an extensive range of shapes and sizes.

    Innovative PET container design can create packaging with real consumer ‘shelf appeal’ that boosts sales by helping a product to stand out from its competitors.

    It can also help brand owners improve their environmental performance. Studies have shown that PET production results in less greenhouse gas emissions and uses less energy than glass or aluminium cans.

    PET can also have health and safety benefits. There is no risk, for example, of production failures leading to sharp edges on containers or sharp fragments contaminating products. The use of PET bottles in some environments (eg, outdoor events) reduces risks because there is virtually no possibility of breakage and, even when they are crushed, empty PET containers have no sharp edges.

    In the large container sector, PET also has significant environmental and economic advantages. For instance, PET kegs are an attractive alternative to traditional metal kegs for the bulk transport and storage of products such as beer. Their substantial benefits include lower total costs of ownership, reduced environmental impact, easier response to new market opportunities and improved capacity to meet short-term peaks and troughs in demand.

    GPAK can supply PET containers of all sizes either complete and ready for filling or as ‘preforms’ – partly manufactured containers which are a fraction of their finished size (and thus easy to transport) that can be ‘blown’ into a mould near the point of use. We can undertake the manufacture of completed containers from preforms either on our own premises or as a
    'hole in the wall' operation.

    GPAK can also supply PET containers which can be returned for refilling once consumers have used the contents – another environmental benefit where the infrastructure for handling the returned containers exists.

    The PET packaging market has been growing at almost 10 per cent per year. Even with slower recent growth, industry experts predict that the economic, environmental, food safety and functional benefits of PET mean that it will shortly become the dominant plastics container resin, growing at approximately 7 per cent per annum through to 2015.
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