The cosmetic and healthcare industries,  increasingly demand innovative packaging solutions that are both convenient and aesthetically pleasing.  We offer a range of PET plastic bottles and jars that meets these needs.GPAK has a wide range of stock bottles, which are used for a variety of products including shampoos, body lotions, shower gels, eye creams, facial serums, hand washes, cleansers and more. Sizes range from 50ml to 500ml. All bottles come with ISO standard necks, which can be used with ISO standard pumps, serum pumps, disc tops, flip tops, finger spray or screw top caps.


The Pharmaceutical industry requires packaging solutions that have the visual qualities of glass yet are light, robust and safe. The GPAK range of plastic PET packaging includes bottles suitable for vitamin supplements, pills and medicines.Sizes range from 50 ml to 1000 ml.


Industrial packaging design requires solutions that are easy to handle, robust and most importantly safe.
The properties ofGPAK P.E.T bottles make them suitable for storing a diverse range of acids, alkalis, solvents and other general use chemicals. The GPAK industrial packaging range complies with “Dangerous Goods of Class 3, Packaging Group 2 or 3”. The bottles are supplied with child resistant caps.


Increasingly, environmentally conscious consumers are demanding packaging that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also recyclable. PET is becoming the packaging product of choice due to its clean properties and high recyclability.  We can also offer post consumer recycled PET

The GPAK range of PET bottles is used by a diverse range of well-recognised household brands and can be seen on supermarket shelves throughout Australasia. Sizes range from 30ml to 3L and can be used for cold or warm filling.


All types of caps & closures suitble for the plastic containers in customized designs are available.